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New Summit Program still some problems

     Your new preliminary Summit program still has some problems that I hoped would be fixed. 

     It still jumps anywhere it wants to when you hit tab on a page and want to go to the next line to put in data.  This was supposedly high on the list to be fixed.

     Whatever happened to the request that a user could have their own saved custom items file.  As discussed in the past, it really would be quicker and easier to enter custom data.  Now you have to save a file with all your custom stuff in it and use it as your starting point and then remove the items you don't use.


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Robert, these items are on our list but as they are not program breaking or result changing they are not high on the priority list. Our next release will not have these changes either as we are currently working towards implementing a new licensing system and ensuring full compatibility with new Windows operating systems. We will let you know when we have a release that addresses the items you mentioned. 

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