Applies to: EnergyGauge Summit
Version(s): v5.00
Date: November 17, 2014

Symptoms When you open a file and then click on the Space Node on the project explorer, an error appears. It does not happen on all files. Only those where the combination of the Space Acronym and Zone Acronym fields results in a string length over 40.

Space Acronym and Zone Acronym fields that are combined to populate the Additional Control Method Combo Box on the space page has a limitation on string length

Steps to Reproduce  Open a file and click on Space Node. Does not happen on all files
Resolution Method 1

If you have version 4.10 or lower running in any machine, edit the file and make sure all zone & space acronyms are less than 15 characters long.

Resolution Method 2  Send us your file through the online Help System, we will return it fixed.
Additional Information