For those Raters who need their RTIN to fill out a form or to purchase rating versions of the software here is how to find it.

If you are a RESNET certified rater with a HERS Provider besides FSEC, then you will need to contact that HERS Provider to obtain your RTIN number if you do not have the documentation..

The following describes obtaining the RTIN for certified raters through the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and under FSEC providership. Log in to the Home Energy Rating page to find your information.

Once logged in to this page you will see the following. If you have been actively uploading ratings they will fill the white space making up the body of this page.  Notice at the bottom of the left hand column there is an option that says Update Preferences. Select this.

Now on the preference page you will be able to update all of your personal information as well as view your RTIN number if you are a HERS Rater. If you are only a class 2 or 3 rater you will be able to log in this far but there will not be an RTIN field at the bottom here. Note that for this example the RTIN number appears as a series of symbols (#). RTINs are unique to each rater and you should keep a record of yours and not change this field unless instructed to by your provider.

If you have followed these steps and still do not see your RTIN or if you do not have one and feel you should or have need of one for some other reason you can click here to contact us and have your name and any other pertinent information ready, such as your FSEC ID, and we will look into the matter with you. All class 2 and class 3 raters will need to contact us for a number for the purpose of purchasing the rater software.