Applies to: EnergyGauge Summit
Version(s): v5.10T
Date: 08/10/2015
Revised: 08/10/2015 

Symptoms After installation of the software, whenever the user attempts to launch the software, one of the below messages will appear:


After this, the software will not launch. Typically, this will occur on a users account other than the one initially installed on.

Some information is missing from the AppData folder in the User's account. This data is typically only placed into the 'User' folder of the user who installed the software.

Resolution Method 1

Please attempt to uninstall Summit v5.10T, and redownload and install the software from here. The program will be listed under 'SummitFLCode5thEd' in the Control Panel when uninstalling.

Resolution Method 2

For users that did not install Summit v5.10T on their User Profile, there is a folder missing from the AppData location on your user profile. In order to fix this issue, if you could please contact us with a phone number and a time at which you are available, we will gladly help to solve the problem.