This is seen in Windows 7 and 10. This is a result of a recent Microsoft Windows update. 

1) Click the windows key on your keyboard located on the left side of the space bar between CTRL and ALT. Start typing CodeMeter Control Center.  

2) Once open, take a screenshot. This will be our pre-solution screenshot to verify the solution worked. If you need help taking a screenshot, you can follow the same procedure from step one to locate Snipping Tool and when open click New and click and drag over the area you wish to screenshot. When saving it is best to save to the desktop for easy access when attaching to the email.

3) Go to Your computer's Control Panel>Programs and Features and find CodeMeter Runtime kit and uninstall it. 

4) Restart your computer. This is very important. 

5) Once booted back up and logged back in, download the latest version of CodeMeter here,

6) Once downloaded right click and Run as Admin for the install.

7) Open up CodeMeter Control Center following step 1 above) and verify that all licenses appear to be valid and there are no invalid activations (red symbols). If there are no invalid activations please continue to step 8. If there are invalid activations, stop and contact EnergyGauge Tech Support. Take a screenshot and send it to Tech Support so we have a post-solution screenshot to verify.


8)Open up the EnergyGauge software and verify that it is back up and running properly.

9) If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact EnergyGauge Tech Support.