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Energy Gauge USA Crashes

When trying to calculate Florida compliance code 2014 -> Performance method the program will crash without warning. No error message pops up nor any indication of an issue. Certain files will run without issue while others will crash. 

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Patrick, we have converted this into a ticket for you so we can work with you on figuring out what the cause is. For items like this please first create tickets and talk with us to help you solve this since it can be very specific to files from the sound of it. 

When trying to calculate the 2014 Florida Energy Compliance Code I cannot access the Performance option. Does the T3 version require purchase of a 2014 Fl. Performance Method additional module? Also I have ran the same file under the Prescriptive Method and the envelope keeps failing even though I have met all requirements per the 2014 code.

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Craig, I have created a ticket for you concerning this as a ticket is the best way to address this kind of item.

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