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New FlaCom has 6 pages of checklist!

Why did the checklist go from 1 page to 6?  It will take longer to manually check the boxes than to do enter, run and print the energy calc.  Why does the mechanical engineer have to give up more time (usually for free) for this useless form?

The compliance forms are required for permit so why does the checklist include items than cannot be confirmed until the construction phase is in progress or in some cases completed? 

  1. Below-grade wall insulation installed per manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Slab edge insulation installed per manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Floor insulation is installed per manufacturer's instructions.
  4.  HVAC equipment efficiency verified.
  5. Furnished as-built drawings within 30 days of system acceptance.
  6. Furnished O&M manuals within 30 days of system acceptance.
  7. HVAC control systems have been tested to ensure proper operation, calibration, and adjustment of controls.
  8. etc. etc.
Some of these topics are even labeled "Post Construction" on the form. How am I supposed to check these items off as either Yes, N/A or Exempt and sign and seal this form before the permit has been issued?

Jeff, this has been a question with many people yet we are only informed that we must provide this checklist through our software. We did not write the code and we do not enforce it. For details on how to fill out the forms properly and when in order to comply with the code please contact your local code official or the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. They can give you a final answer on who is responsible for this checklist and when. 

David, I apologize for any inconvenience and the intent is to work on a more streamlined way to manage this checklist during the data input process of using the software but this is a requirement and so the form must be provided as such. When the code changed there are many requirements spelled out and when you pull them all out and compile them into a form it came to be that long. The residential side went through this as well from one page to three so this is just a change implemented in the new code. 

what does the EX mean in the YES/NA/EX? in the checklist portion

Jenny, EX indicates exempt entries which can be the case for various reasons depending on jurisdiction or equipment/materials it pertains to. 

Have you fixed the issue where there are a bunch of separation lines on these checklist sheets that dont line up with the actual items and the correlating boxes to be checked? Just one more thing that takes time away from us actually doing are jobs... and makes the report look stupid if someone doesnt have the correct PDF editing software or knowledge to fix it.

Christopher, this Summit Update, 5.10, is primarily for us to update our systems behind the scenes so make operation much smoother and more efficient. There are very few changes to the program itself, but I think you will find that the lines on the report you mentioned are gone. Go ahead and run one and see for yourself. 

In recent versions of EnergyGauge Summit, version 5.20 and on, we have modified the checklist with state approval to section it off into what stages items should be checked in and by who. While the checklist is still long hopefully this will clarify more when where and who is responsible for portions of this list. There are headings on it like "To be checked by Designer or Engineer" or "to be checked by Plan Reviewer" so that there is no confusion at what point items get checked.