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USA 4.0.01 will not calculate

When I calculate using USA a message appears that reads in part " New Florida design locations have been added since this file was created. this message would appear on the last version but just re-selecting the correct city would fix message. The new version will not correct itself. I've even created a new file and receive the same message

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I'm getting the same problem. Is there a work-around for this?


If you receive this message and reselecting or downloading the design locations does not fix it please create a ticket And let us know exactly what the message says. We will work directly with you to get everything working. In your first contact ticket it is also best to leave a phone number and the best window of time to contact you when you are in front of your computer as we will often call to walk through this particular situation with you. Please remember however that we may not call or answer immediately as we could be on the phone with someone already. 

I am getting a message when I calculate the message  "New Florida design locations have been added..... I have downloaded update and I still get this message.

Thank you

Rob Sanders


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