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Tab Order Flow through Pages

   When pressing the tab key to move from one field on a page to another there does not always appear to be a logical order in how the indicator moves from field to field. For example on the zones page starting in the top left Acronym field if we tab to the next field we get Desc directly next to it, then Type again next to it. Then it jumps however to the Dimensions fields passing the category, select profile, and ASHRAE and IECC options which it later returns to. Similar orders appear on other pages as well. Can this tab order be reordered to move down the page in a more logical fashion. 

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I agree with Ryan's suggestion. All the pages should configured the same when tabbing from one field to the next. 

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I agree with Ryan's suggestion also!

Another related suggestion is to be able to drag items on the drop down menu to change order and to move to different spaces, zones, floors, walls, roofs, etc. 


Adrienne, I just want to clarify what you are referring to. Do you mean the navigation tree on the left side of the program? So you mean the ability to change the order of the zones or the spaces within zones once they have been created?


Hi Ryan,
I couldn't think of the correct term, but yes, you interpreted correctly!  Thanks for getting clarification. 


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