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2014 Florida Building Code

With the 2014 Florida Building Code expecting to be adopted by June 30, 2015, several of my clients (builders and contractors) are developing plans to be permitted under the new code. 

When can we expect Energy Gauge to update it programs to support the new version of the Florida Building Code?

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Hi there Mike!

Thank you for your question. Though we do not have an exact date at the moment, we expect to have the new Energy Gauge supporting the new Florida code by April 2015 the latest. This will give your company at least 3 months to work with the new software.

Best Regards,


Hi there!

Since it is 3/31 and I do not see an update as of yet. Are we still looking at April for release? Do you know if it will be beginning or end of April?

I have a large group of people waiting on me to give them answers, that I can't yet give them :)

Thanks so much 

Hi Tracey!

Yes, we are still anticipating our next release to be by the end of this month (April). Feel free to let your "large group of people" know!

Best Regards,


Software development and testing for the 2014 Florida energy code is nearing completion. Following completion, the Florida Building Commission will be asked to  approve the software. We will keep you informed when we have expected dates for the software. The software will have a watermarked Florida code 2014 when released and watermarks will be removed once the Florida Building Commission approves.

What is the status on updating Summit for 2014 FBC?

Thank you for your question Lisa. At the moment we do not have an exact release date for EnergyGauge Summit which would include 2014 Florida Code. What we can say is that it will be released before the new code takes effect (June 30th).

It is now June 10 th and I haven't seen any information on the website about the status of the 2014 Florida Energy code Program Update. Can you tell me the status?

Craig, our software programs, both USA and Summit, have been submitted for approval to the state. They have both been approved by the TAC (technical advisory committee) and go to the building commission on the 19. We expect they will likely be approved there as well. 

What is the status of the software to demonstrate compliance with 2014 FBC?

What is the status of the software for 2014 FBC?  Has it been approved by the state?  When will it be available for download?  Is there a grace period for using the older software and complying with 2010 FBC?

Lisa, our software has been approved by the state and we have released the 2014 compliant EnergyGauge Summit program for commercial buildings. You can find all the information you need to utilize that software here. As for EnergyGauge USA we are working on finalizing our install package today and will hopefully have that update available very soon. 

Everyone, EnergyGauge USA has been released! You should all have already received emails by now to the same address your license(s) was purchased with in the past with the details but if you need them again please check this article for links to download and any other pertinent details. 

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