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Envelope leakage test report

Does anyone know how to fill out the Florida Envelope Leakage Test Report sheet? 

We took the blower door course & they didn't show us how to fill out the state required report that prints out with the Energy calculations.



Bob, below is the slide directly out of the class presentations here at FSEC on how to fill out the Envelope leakage test forms. The circled items are the points of interest that you should be filling out if you use a single point test method like what we teach. This form pictured will look a bit different from the one you show however. You included a 2014 FL Code version, is there a reason you are using that and not the 2017 form from the current code cycle? Also further changes to the forms, and more dramatic changes, are coming as there are all new recently approved forms from BOAF and the state that we will be incorporating into our next update. 

Had to revise the calculations after the new update came out, so that is what got printed out with the updated calculations & the City said he needed a blower door test? 

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