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Large buildings

I am new to EnergyGauge, and have a large (close to 1,000,000 sf) building with over 600 zones. It does not appear that the software has a gbXML import feature - any recommendations on how to avoid manually inputting each zone individually. Can files be exported to a spreadsheet or text file?

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Kevin, EnergyGauge Summit does not yet have a gbXML import option. This is something we have talked about extensively and our goal is to include that in one of our next versions if we can.


   In the mean time there are two potential options to help you speed up your data entry. The first is Multipliers. Each component of a building has a field called Multiplier. This will simulate that component and all of it's dependent components as many times as you have specified. For example if you create a 5'x5' window and add a multiplier of 5 then you are now modeling 125 sq ft rather than 25 sq ft. Keep in mind it is all assigned to the same wall still, so be sure that your wall is large enough to have that much glass. A 10'x10' wall cannot hold that much glass, the glass area gets deducted from the wall. This same multiplier option works for bigger components, such has zones. If you have two identical zones, including all the spaces, walls, etc. underneath them then model only one and change the multiplier to 2. This was you do not have to enter the same information twice. It will simulate the zone, the spaces, the walls and everything else within the zone. 

   In the event that your components are not identical, but are very similar, there is another option. Model a given component, such as a wall. If that wall is construct A and A dimensions and A orientation but you have a second wall of construct A and A dimensions and B orientation then right click on the wall in the component tree on the left of the program and click on the Copy option. Then right click on the Walls heading in the same tree and click on the Paste option. You will now have a duplicate of the wall, and you can simply go in and change the orientation without having to re-enter all the other data. Again the same is possible higher up the tree. If you copy and paste a Zone then a duplicate will be made with all the components underneath it and you can go in and add, remove, or change only the differences without having to re-enter all the same data twice. 

  I hope you find this helpful

-Ryan D. 

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