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Florida One of the Top Five States When it Comes to Solar Jobs

The Solar Foundation reports that, as of 2016, Florida was one of the top five states when it comes to solar jobs, highlighting the growing number of people in this particular sector of the United States deciding to use this form of energy. In fact, Florida ranks number eleven when compared to the other states in the area of “solar market attractiveness” says the Florida Energy Systems Consortium. However, some geographical areas in this state offer more solar power than others.

For instance, according to Sperling’s Best Places, a website dedicated to providing valuable information on locations across the U.S.—such as cost of living, crime rates, house prices, and more—if you live in the Orlando area, you’ll see approximately 233 sunny days per year. Live in Miami, about 240 miles south of Orlando, and that number increases to 248 days. Go north 141 miles instead, to the Jacksonville area, and your sunny days will lessen slightly to 221, providing a little less solar power than some of the locations to the south.

For a more comprehensive guide to solar energy in Florida visit The National Council for Solar Growth.

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