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Modeling Multifamily Housing

I am trying to create a multi-family housing model in EnergyGauge USA.  I'm having trouble determining whether to create a block model for the building or model the individual units.  A block model is difficult if there are more than 5 units as one block can only contain a max of 5 HVAC units.  Also, how do you account for two-story townhomes?  The tutorials don't seem to account for a second story.

If there are any examples of multifamily models or tutorials, links would be very helpful.  Thanks!

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In EnergyGauge USA only one residence can be modeled in a project. It is not possible to model two units in the same project. When you select multifamily on the project screen this simply indicates that there is an adjacent unit to the one being modeled. Because of this when entering floors, ceilings and walls there will now be an additional option "adjacent to neighbor" which means that this is a common wall, floor or ceiling with the neighboring unit.


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