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Insulation Inspection Grades-Code Compliance Calculations

Quick question,  I've heard some conflicting comments from others completing Energy Code Compliance Calculations as to whether to enter the insulation as "inspected grade 1" assuming that it will be installed properly and others who say that on an energy code compliance calculation that it must be entered as "not inspected".

I noticed in one of FSEC's example calculations it shows as "inspected grade 1".  

What is the correct way?

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 Tina, the insulation grade entry is strictly used in RESNET HERS or ENERGYSTAR compliance calculations and does not factor into FL Energy Code Compliance Performance Method at all. Since the home has not been constructed it is not possible to really project this information and should it come up I would recommend using the Not Inspected entry since it could not have been if this is being done at the time of permitting. Similarly in an existing home if the drywall is already up then there is no sense in tearing it out in order to simply look at the insulation so Not Inspected works there as well. Ultimately though it will have no effect on the outcome in code compliance and so if someone questions this I would first recommend explaining it is a field included should the home attempt to become HERS or ENERGYSTAR certified.

Ryan DiMaria

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