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Error appliances not assigned to space

I am trying to run the calculation for two rooms building, there is no Kitchen nor Refrigerator but the program still gives me error message says (there is a Refrigerator not assigned to a space)


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Gerald, this is one that happens from time to time and most often is seen on additions. The reason you are getting that is because there are two locations to enter appliances in the software. The appliance information tab you are on in your screen shot is the newest and most detailed place but if you go to the equipment tab and select the App/Light(X) page then you will find a refrigerator entry there. These appliance entries are from older versions of the software and use less details, but they can still be used in Annual Simulation calculations so they were left in the program for people using that feature. 


Simply click on the button below the Refrigerator heading at the top of this page and use the minus button to delete this fridge like you would on any other input page. This will resolve this error for you. 

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