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Flat roofed contemporary homes...

Throughout the years we've been using the "composition shingles" for setting with "flat" configuration for contemporary flat roofs with built-up or membrane roofing. This decision was based on an engineering consultant recommendation. Basically, he said, "this is what we do based on inquiring with EnergyGauge." So we have always done it the same way. We've tried looking for anything written to assert this, but it is non-existent. Could we get a dedicated option under "roofing material" that addresses this? As in "membrane" or similar. Thanks.

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Hi Ted Sassi,

If you are wanting a direct reply from one of the agents, you will want to submit a ticket to technical support directly. This can be done at the main page of our support site, and also can be found here. There we will be able to correspond on any questions you have about the operations of the software and how certain things are handled. 



EnergyGauge Tech Support

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