This article pertains to the For Demonstration Purposes Only watermark in EnergyGauge Summit. If you are getting this watermark in EnergyGauge USA please refer to the following article instead. EnergyGauge USA Version 4.0.01 

   The watermark will always appear on a trial version of our software. If you have not purchased a license then you must first do so and can using the link to our Summit product selection page here. If you have purchased a licensed or already owned one then you must activate it so the software knows to remove this watermark. 

   In EnergyGauge Summit version 5.10 we have implemented a new licensing system. If you have an active license for EnergyGauge Summit then you will have received an email regarding this and containing a new product key and if you just purchased a license you will have received a similar email containing all the necessary information. An example of the email for previously having a license is attached at the bottom of this article. If you did not receive your email please email with your name, the email address you purchased from, and if you already had a license then the license number. We will then get back to you with all this information. 

   In this email step number one is downloading and installing Summit version 5.10 from the link provided. Step number two is activating your license. You do so by following a link provided containing your product key, selecting the license, and clicking activate. This must be done on the computer you intend to have Summit active on. You cannot activate from a different machine. If this link does not work then step number three provides you with a link to manually enter your product key which you can copy and paste from the email to the webpage. 

Download Page (From step 1)

Activation Page (From step 3)

   To view the current active license in EnergyGauge Summit you can open the help menu and select About EnergyGauge. Here you will see all active licenses on the computer as shown below. Not that the first image marked in red shows no active license and the second shows a Florida code only license active. Both show trial licenses active but as highlighted in the second image you must use the scroll bar to the right in move down the list and view all of this information.