Applies to EnergyGauge USA Versions: 4.0.00 and 4.0.01

Date: 8/12/2015


The 2014 FL Code Performance e-ratio with default ducts in a sealed or unvented attic are in some cases higher than expected. This is a result of the 2014 FL Code Proposed home duct leakage DSE which is currently set to 0.80 for ducts not in the conditioned space. Unfortunately, the code does not have a category for sealed attic duct location.  The code penalty is reduced to 0.88 for ducts located in conditioned space. If there is any ceiling insulation the 0.80 DSE is most appropriate. If there is no ceiling insulation, and the contractor believes that the attic space is truly sealed from outdoor air and is inside the thermal envelope and the conditions are very close to the main conditioned body of the house, then indicating the ducts are located in the interior is an acceptable option that will reduce the e-ratio. 

Workaround only for software versions 4.0.00 and 4.0.01:

Note: This workaround applies only to air distribution systems with default leakage.

If your house meets the requirements given above select the interior for the supply and return ducts on the duct page. This will set the DSE of 0.88 and the ducts will remain in the interior for the 2014 FL Code Proposed home and yield an e-ratio closer to the expected range.

If the ducts are proposed Qn or tested for leakage, enter the proposed Qn or tested duct leakage value (Qn) on the duct page and locate the ducts in the sealed or unvented attic.

This is fixed in version 5 of the software. For version 5 and higher, enter the ducts in the attic if that is where they are located.