In EnergyGauge USA many people have been experiencing the following error when trying to view reports. This is caused by the absence of floors, ceilings or both in the project. 

   The most common reason these items are missing is because of the existence of a neighboring unit above or below the project. In the past ceilings have been left out of neighbor units to avoid the association with attic space. Now we have added an entry option to account for this in ceilings so that they can be treated just as floors have been in the past. In a project where the occupancy is set to multifamily there has been the choice for floor over other space type floors to be over a neighbor space and for walls to be adjacent to neighbor as well. Now there is also a ceiling type that is under neighbor so you can model the full area of the ceiling and account for it being under a neighboring unit rather than under attic. 

   Once all the floors and ceilings have now been entered the range check errors should be resolved and with a passing score you will be able to view your results.