Dear Valued Customer,

We are releasing a new version of EnergyGauge USA which includes 2014 residential Florida Energy Code Compliance calculations approved by the Florida Building Commission for such use. This is a separate version of USA that will work side-by-side with your 3.1.02 version.

This will direct you to the download screen.

If you would like to see a list of changes to the software you can find them in our release notes here.

If you have any questions or concerns about this release please feel free to contact us by going directly to our

support page.

On the support page you can also review articles and forums with updated news and frequently asked questions, submit tickets to us with questions (and attach files to them if you need to), and even live chat with us when we are available.

PLEASE NOTE: This release may still have a watermark saying "For demonstration purposes only" on the code compliance forms. This is because there was access to this before the effective date of the code. In order to resolve this simply go into the Florida Code Compliance 2014 menu under calculate and select Get Approval for Florida Code 2014 Reports. See image below for exact screens. If you do not have an internet connection and the Auto activation option is not available then please use the Manual Activation method and the code captured in the image below (PI2978MF). 

You can also get approval directly from the code summary window with the button in the bottom left corner as seen here.

Best regards,

Your EnergyGauge Team