Some ratings after being uploaded will show a slightly different HERS Index than the one seen during calculation in EnergyGauge USA 4.0.00. The effect also may occur during annual simulation calculations and ENERGYSTAR among some others. This does not effect Florida code compliance. If you believe you have this error please confirm some information below and try the following fix. 

How to tell if this is happening to you:

  • Have you entered a Photo-voltaic system in your project? If yes then you may be effected.
  • Go to the PVForm directory and locate the "wthdata1.exe" file. (location described and pictured below) If it is not there then please follow the steps below. 
  • As a HERS Rater, did you run a file and get one HERS Index and view the report on your rater page after upload and see another? If yes then please follow the steps below.  

Why this happens:

   When installing EnergyGauge USA version 4.0.00 there may be a missing file in the PVForm directory. It specifically has to do with weather data concerning projects with Photo-voltaic systems. 

How to fix this:

   The solution to this is to simply add the missing file to the directory in question. The following steps will resolve the error. 

  1. Download the attached file "wthdata1.exe" to your computer in a location such as downloads, documents, or even your desktop. 
  2. Copy the file you downloaded to the PVForm diretory in the EnergyGaugeUSA4 program files location. The directory will be one of the two following unless otherwise specified during installation; 
  • Windows 64-bit systems - C:\Program Files (x86)\EnergyGaugeUSA4\PVForm
  • Windows 32-bit systems - C:\Program Files\EnergyGaugeUSA4\PVForm

The directory should now look like this. 

With the file placed inside this folder you do not have to run or open it, simply close the file location, open EnergyGauge, and rerun your project file. The HERS index should now reflect the same number on the reports generated after uploading your .rgu files. Annual simulations and other calculations may reflect changes now too 

If you complete these steps and you still receive this problem please contact us right away and describe the steps you took, any error messages received if any, and your rater info and file info so we can check your uploaded file against the file you are running which you will attach to the ticket so that we can help resolve this for you.