When viewing some reports in EnergyGauge USA, such as the Prescriptive R-Value report, you may notice a PDF button the the screen.

 Many times you will find that this button will give an error if you try to produce a PDF through it. Depending on the report you have two other options to produce a PDF still.

Option A is to hit print. When you do simply select Adobe PDF from your printer selection list if you have Adobe installed on your computer. If you have another PDF viewer/printer program installed select that from the list instead. Then when you hit print you will be given a prompt to name the file and select where to save it and you will have a PDF when you are done. 

Option B is to hit save where available. Some reports have a save button on them and you can save the file as a PDF in this way as well. This process is the same as option A above except you do not have to push the print button and select PDF to get to the save menu.