While running a calculation of any kind you may see the program running for a short time and then suddenly it stops with no indication of why. The program closes with no warning or errors. Below are a few known bugs that can cause this, each with a workaround, while we work on fixing this in the next version.


If you have Concrete - 6 inch walls adjacent to garages

  • Simply change this wall type to a comparable block wall still with the appropriate insulation value for the wall you are modeling and try the calculation again.

If you have Raised Floors

  • If so, is it a suspended floor or post and pier type construction? Or is it actually a floor over another space such as a second story over a space below? If it is over a garage please select "Floor over Garage" or if over another space please select "Floor Over Other Space" as the type. Not for this type that you will have to select which space it is over. Finally ensure all other floors types, such as the more common "Slab-On-Grade Edge Insulation" is entered accordingly. If you made any changes to account for this run your calculation and see if your results change.

If you have Photovoltaic (PV) systems in place.

  • Another solution is a known bug that results from a combination of the number of blocks entered and the type of hot water system or PV system used. In this case if you have either or both a solar hot water system or any PV system in the project and you have three or more blocks then this can cause the problem shutting down the software. In order to resolve this you can use the "Combined HVAC System" options on the Cooling, Heating and Ducts pages of the software to reduce the number of blocks you have down to two or one even. With less than three blocks you can run the calculation and see if you get the same result.

If you have a "0" next to your Temps tab.

  • If you have a "0" next your Temps tab as shown below. Please forward us the project via email or our support page. We've discovered a small bug that seems to delete Temperature data which causes the calculation to close.

If you check each of these and you still receive this problem please contact us right away and attach the project file in question to your ticket so that we can help resolve this for you.