To load KwikModel 3D project .zip folders into EnergyGauge you will click Load 3D .zip Project on the Main Menu of the program. This will open up a file explorer window that will allow you to navigate to the 3D project .zip folder. You will select the folder and click open which should then add it to the Main Menu of EnergyGauge for you to open.

Be sure not to unzip the folder and load the .enb by itself as you get an error stating "No Kwik geometry file exists for this project." and you will not be able to reopen KwikModel on that loaded file.

You may get the error below if you do one of these two actions:


1. Double-click the 22-0703D - 11835 Autumn Creek item below. We all tend to do so as it usually works with ENB and other files. It causes an issue in this case.



2. Navigate into the zip file as below and the zip file name still appears in the File name box at the bottom.