For blower door tests done with sealed attic (Attic Ventilation must be "Unvented" on roof entry), and tested with the hatch open (select "Edit Test Conditions" on infiltration screen) , the volume used for infiltration calculations will include the entered volume of conditioned spaces on the spaces page and the volume of the attic. A popup window  will show the total RESNET infiltration volume and the RESNET attic volume. In versions 7.0.03 and earlier this volume does not show on the standard input entry report, although in future versions we will add it to the infiltration input description. This volume does show on the EnergyGauge generated Envelope Leakage Test Report. If inspectors are requesting this volume from the software, one could print this report (not filling in test results) at time of submittal to show the software calculated volume. 

FSEC calculates an attic volume from limited entries on the roof page. The EnergyGauge volume may not match the true geometry of the as-built attic. To do so would require a number of more entries and the results would only be impacted in a very minor way. The attic volume is calculated differently based on the selection of the Roof Configuration on the Roof screen (choices are "Flat","Gable or shed" ,"Hip") and the slope of the roof pitch. As EnergyGauge only has one roof entry users should choose the most representative selections for mixed roof configurations and slopes.