These steps will enable the printing of the FL Code 2020 Envelope Leakage Report with the correct building volume in the event an exponent appears on the report.

  1. Run and print all the other reports that are needed.
  2. Save the project.
  3. Re-Open the project.
  4. Add a crawlspace floor of 1 sq ft area and 1 ft exposed perimeter.
  5. Go to Infiltration tab, select Edit Test Conditions and make sure the crawlspace hatch is closed.
  6. Under reports menu select Florida Code Envelope Leakage 2020.
  7. The correct building volume should display on the report.
  8. Close the project and do not save the changes. (NOTE: If you do save the file this tiny crawlspace floor will show up on the input summary which building officials will not like.)