Version 6.103 or newer

The builders library can be accessed by selecting File>Preferences on the Home page of the EnergyGauge USA application.

The “Builders” tab in the Preferences menu when selected should give you the option of using the Local Library or an Imported Library.

Builders can be added to the local library by clicking the red “+”  then input the data into the desired fields. The data in the row will only be saved when you click the check-mark or add another row of data. The local library can also be saved as a master library to be a backup or distributed to others who would use the same list of builders by clicking “Save as Master” at the bottom of the Preferences menu.

To use an imported library you must have the .SQLITE file produced by the “Save as Master” button. Once you have the file you will select “Use imported library” then click the “Import a Master Builders Library”, it will ask if you want to overwrite your current master library, selecting yes will open a windows explorer menu that will allow you to import the .SQLITE file containing the builder list. Adding a master list will not change the local list.