There are many cases in which an offline activation may be required. The most common are related to a lack of Java support on the computer/internet browser being used for activation, and a computer that is not connected to the internet. Below are the steps to complete for an offline activation. Please keep in mind that if you are attempting to activate on a computer without an internet connection a computer with an internet connection will be required in order to transfer over the required files for the license. 

1. On the EnergyGauge Machine, please make sure that CodeMeter is installed. A solution article on ensuring you have the latest version of CodeMeter installed can be found here. This software is included with the installation package for your EnergyGauge product; if you have already installed the latest version of EnergyGauge, you should already have this software installed. You can verify this information by checking the Start Menu>All Programs list for a CodeMeter folder. 

2. Please download the attached file corresponding to your license. The Residential file is for EnergyGauge USA and the Commercial file is for EnergyGauge Summit. This file will need to be imported into the CodeMeter Control Center, found in the Start Menu>All Programs>CodeMeter folder, or in the notification pane of Windows (the arrow next to the clock, network status, sound settings). To complete this, please open the CodeMeter Control Center and "drag and drop" the file into the window.

3. Once the empty container is loaded into the CodeMeter Control Center, we will need to create a license request. To do so, please select the new container then Activate License. In the License Update screen, please select 'Next', 'Create License Request' and then 'Next'. On the next page, please select the 'Browse' button and locate the 'Desktop' (Displayed Below). We will save the request to the desktop for easy access. Select 'Save' and then 'Commit'.

4. Once the request has been saved, please reply to the Technical Support Agents with the license request file attached. If it has not been done so prior to this step, please provide the Support Team with the Product Key for the license. EnergyGauge Technical Support will add the license to this request and return to you a license update file.

5. Once the license update file is received, we will add the activation sent back by the Support Team. To begin this, please open the CodeMeter Control Center if it is not already open. Once in the Control Center, select the container that was added in step 2. This time, select the file sent back by the Support Team, and 'drag and drop' it into the CodeMeter Control Center. The license should update automatically. Note: Your CmContainer ID will be different from the ID pictured. 

6. Now that the license has been activated, a receipt for the activation must be sent. Please select the license in the CodeMeter Control Center, then 'License Update'. Select 'Create Receipt' and then 'Next'. On this page, select the 'Browse' button, navigate to the desktop as before, and select 'Save'. Please then reply to this email with the receipt attached.

Once this process is completed, the EnergyGauge Offline Product Activation is now completed properly. Please let us know if there are any issues during the process by responding to the Technical Support Agent working on the case.