If you are receiving the following error when running a calculation it is most likely because your default printer paper size is too small for the reports to scale properly. Our report viewer scales to the default printer settings to the reports can be printed legibly.

If you do see this you can simply go into your paper settings for your default printer and adjust them to a size that will fit everything. Where to find your printer paper settings will depend on the Operating System you are on as well as the type of printer you have but typically you can open your start menu and select control panel to find the devices and printers menu. In here you select your default printer and there will be something that lists your printer options. From there you can select paper options and change the size or if you prefer you can instead assign a different default printer from devices and printers.

We suggest at least Letter size or A4. This will be at least 8.5 by 11 inches, as seen below in green.

Anything smaller than this, such as A5 paper, could potentially cause the error.