In addition to a 2015 and 2018 IECC section R406 calculation option, there is also an ERI calculation option under the main Calculate menu on rater versions of the software that is called Energy Rating Index. This Calculate | Energy Rating Index option allows users in states/jurisdictions, such as Florida and others, which have implemented a maximum code ERI that is different than the IECC, to qualify with this modified ERI form. This form requires the code official to verify that the ERI Index qualifies (Florida is 58 or less). The mandatory requirements page and input summary reports are incorporated.The form shows the calculated ERI with and without on-site solar (if photovolatics are included). Some states have discussed maximum ERIs without solar. Since this form does not indicate a pass or fail, it may be used with any jurisdiction adopting a value other than the IECC value. The format of the form is identical to the form recommended by RESNET.