If you launch EnergyGauge Summit and get the following message then there is a file on your computer that is incomplete. This causes some information to be read incorrectly or not read at all and prevents the software from effectively running.

After this error message when you hit OK you will get the usual blank Summit screen where you could open a new or existing project. Do not do this yet. Instead open the Tools menu and select Reset Workspace as seen below. 

This reset will give you one final prompt that you will have to restart the program in order for it to take effect. 

Close Summit and reopen it now. You will not longer get the initial GetVer error seen first and you will now be able to open your projects and run the software as intended.

If this solution does not work for you and you continue to get the error message or you begin to receive a new error message please contact us by submitting a ticket here and give your information and detailed information about the error, including screen shots where possible. You will have to log in in order to create a ticket.