With the new versions of EnergyGauge USA and Summit we have released a new licensing system. With the new licensing system, there is a very different process to Unregister/Transfer your license. To complete the process you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Submit a ticket to EnergyGauge Tech Support by following this link, or email techsupport@energygauge.com, requesting the deactivation of your current computer and include your product key.  This can be done while waiting for a response to your ticket. 
  2. On the new computer download the latest version of the software. Summit can be found here, and USA can be found here. This can be done while you wait for a support representative to respond to your ticket. 
  3. After submitting your ticket Tech Support will respond and provide you with a license deactivation product key to use on the currently active computer by visiting the activation site, which can be found here.
  4. Once the license deactivation has been used reply to the ticket from Tech Support to let them know it is complete.
  5. Tech Support will add an activation for your old license to the product key you just used and contact you letting you know you will be able to reactivate your license on the new computer.  
In the even you run the activation or deactivation from us and it does not get receipted properly,  please follow the same procedures for the initial activation or deactivation choosing the Continue License Transfer option.