Subject: Your EnergyGauge New License Activation Information

 Dear First Last:

Thank you for purchasing 1 copy of EnergyGauge. If you purchased multiple licenses, you will receive an email for each license.

Your new product key is XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX and it is valid for 365 day(s).

Please use the following steps to download and activate your new EnergyGauge product:

1. Visit, download, and install your product

2. While on the machine you intend to use EnergyGauge USA please
    a. Click this link
    b. Click the Next button
    c. Click Activate Licenses button
    d. Select the license you would like to active
    e. Click the Activate Selected Licenses Now button.

3. If clicking on the link above fails, please copy and paste your product key shown above to the following web site and proceed with your activation.

NOTE: The above steps require an internet connection. Please open the links in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. The activation cannot be performed in Microsoft Edge, the new web browser in Windows 10.

Please do not reply to this automatically generated e-mail. For technical assistance, visit us at

Please consider purchasing a CD media ($15) if you have a slow or no Internet connection. Activating your product on a computer without Internet connection will require you to contact our support team at 321-323-7255 or by making an online support request at


EnergyGauge Support